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Standard Massage $43/hour 3 1-Hour Sessions $53/hour
Frequent Massage $42/hour 6 1-Hour Sessions $53/hour
Regular Spa $43/hour 12 1-Hour Sessions $53/hour
Deluxe Spa $43/hour  
Individual Gift Certificates
30 Minute Massage Gift $25
45 Minute Massage Gift $40
60 Minute Massage Gift $55
75 Minute Massage Gift $70
90 Minute Massage Gift $85
A Gift for the Mother-to-be $30
Hot Stone Therapy Gift $90
the Dry Skin Body Paraffin Gift $65
the Headache Relief  Facial Gift $35
the Deep Moisture Paraffin Foot Therapy Gift $20
the Exfoliating Foot Scrub & Soak Therapy Gift $20
the Essential Facial Gift $20
the Deluxe Therapy Spa Package Gift $125
the Essential Therapy Spa Package Gift $90
the Bare Essentials Spa Package Gift $59


Massage & Spa Memberships

Full Membership Details

  Standard Massage Frequent Massage Regular Spa Deluxe Spa

Monthly Fee (charged to your credit card)

$49 $66 $89 $99
One Time Deposit $23.52 $31.68 $42.72


Available Yearly Minutes 840 1140 1500 1680
Massage Services Included
30 Minute Massage Therapy X X X X
45 Minute Massage Therapy X X X X
60 Minute Massage Therapy X X X X
90 Minute Massage Therapy X X X X
Spa Services Included
Essential Facial     X X
Foot Soak & Scrub     X X
Deep Moisture Foot Therapy     X X
Migraine Relief Therapy     X X
Dry Brush Therapy       X
Hot Stone Massage Therapy       X
Spa Packages Included
Bare Essentials Spa Package     X X
Therapeutic Heat Spa Package     X X
Essential Therapy Spa Package     X X
Dry Skin Essentials Spa Package       X
Deluxe Therapy Spa Package       X
Additional Benefits
Gift Certificate Discount (before tax) 15% 15% 15% 15%
Discount on Additional Minutes (before tax) 10% 10% 10% 10%
*Members Only Availability X X X X